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Our Story

We know that shoes can play a large role in how you're perceived socially. Unfortunately, not all of us can afford sneakers that match our personality or ambitions. At Xsauced, we believe that everyone should have the opportunity to look good and feel confident.

This is personal for us. My brother and I loved sneakers but could never afford them. We always wondered what it would be like to have a massive collection of sneakers at our disposal. We realized that the only thing stopping us or anyone else was a platform that could connect sneakerheads with the shoes they want and love.

From this ambition, Xsauced was born.


Below are a list of frequently asked question


Xsauced is a community-owned ecosystem of sneaker lovers. The aim is to create a more accessible and sustainable sneaker culture built on sharing.

Xsauced is invite-only. We accept applications on our website or you can skip the process if you get a cosign from a current member (www.xsauced.com).

We allow members to either make money from renting their shoes out or save money by renting instead of paying resale. All kicks are cleaned and sterilized between rentals. We also offer pickup and deliver in metro areas.


We have a 3-layer insurance policy. All renters must provide a deposit, we have our own in-house insurance and we also have 3rd party insurance if we need to replace the listed value of your shoe. So you covered in any circumstance.

We will replace the value of your shoe in line with the depreciation schedule, so if someone runs of with your shoe in the first rental, you will get your money back up to the listed value. If it’s after 5 rentals, it will obviously be less because you’ve made money, you feel me. (BTW, you will face a lifetime ban and criminal charges if you even attempt to steal from our members).

Most shoes rent for $30 - $50 per weekend, but you can do a few things to make it cheaper (see discounts section).

You get paid 25% when we pick the shoes up, the remaining 75% is paid on the backend.


Currently we offer sneakers for rent, ranging from 1 day to 1 week. We also have some dope ideas we can share in the coming months.

All rentals require a refundable deposit and or collateral equal to the 30% of the listed value of the shoe. For instance, you want to rock some Yeezy Boost 350s (valued at $300) you will need to provide a refundable deposit valued at $90 dollars.

Minor scuffs are ok as long as they aren’t a result of exercise, running or playing sports. Any significant damage will be assessed upon collection and potentially deducted from your rental deposit. Let us know immediately if something has happened and we’ll work with you. Please review our ‘Wear and Tear Policy’ for further questions.

You must let us know by 12PM on Sunday if you’d like to extend your rental, otherwise you will be hit with a late fee if you choose to keep them looking than your original booking.

This is a case by case decision depending on the wishes of the supplier.

By paying with a cryptocurrency such as Dai or Algo; Inviting 3 or more members to form a node (We can tell you more about that); Posting 3 or more sneakers as a supplier.

Code of Conduct

  • This is a community. Act like you live here too. (or we’ll kick you out)
  • Shoes are wearable art. Treat them accordingly.
  • Together we’re better. Help out where you can. We’re all figuring it out.
  • Pay it forward. Manifest your future. Stop the short-term BS. That’s it.
  • There’s beauty in everything. Love yourself. Appreciate what you have.